About Us

ME Salukis Rescue in a non profit organization funded entirely by donations to help rescue Salukis from the Middle East, sponsored by Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue (TIGR).  This wonderful breed originated from the Middle East and we believe it is important to rescue them from the potential abuse, neglect, torture and often possible death in their current circumstances.

We work in conjunction with ME Rescue Groups to get these wonderful souls to the US so they can get a second chance for a much better  life.  We provide them with medical care after they arrive in the states and place them in loving foster homes while we evaluate their overall health and temperaments so we can match them with a forever home that is an ideal match for them.  Our fosters also work with the Salukis to help train them and assist them with things that are newer to them which often varies with each rescue.

All of them ME Salukis are spayed and/or neutered before they are adopted.

These amazing Salukis are ready to share their love, loyalty and affection with their new families.  For those that have adopted a ME Saluki, it has been a gift.  Adopters are in awe of these Salukis resilience, spirit and ability to adapt to change quickly

Adoption fees for Saluki’s are $375.

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