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Good Day,

My name is Bianca. I am an attractive, 4 year old smooth Saluki from Doha, looking for my forever home. I just love to be with my human friends, but I really am not so fond of other dogs (or cats). I prefer to be an only child. My foster moms are always trying to get me to be more social with other dogs, but I am just not interested.

I love to cuddle with my human buddies, but I prefer keeping my paws off limits.

I enjoy playing and taking walks with my two legged friends, but I do have a pretty heavy prey drive, so sometimes I get a little over excited. I guess I should fess up and admit, I have been known to bite a few leashes in half when I get the chance. I am also told I am pretty talented because I can climb trees, and jump fences, when they are not at least 6 ft high.

I love my foster Moms, but I need a home of my own. They love me too, but I do not get along so well with their other four legged ones. It would be ideal if my new person understood all about Salukis, and they would be happy with me being their only four legged mate. Did I mention I currently live in Texas, but I am willing to relocate?

If you would like to find out more about me, please contact

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