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Helping ME Saluki’s find forever homes in the United States

Please email us at mesalukirescue@yahoo.com for more information on adoption or fostering.

Available Salukis for Adoption



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Ramsey Ramsey2 Ramsey3

If you are looking for a very sweet, loving and easy-going boy, Ramsey is the companion for you.  He is good with other dogs, crates well, and just wants to be by your side.  He loves toys and has found his playful side in our home.  He would be happy in a multiple-dog household, or would also do well as an only dog. He is not good with cats though, and would need to be tested with very small dogs under 10 pounds. He has good house manners but he does like to counter-surf since his nose it at counter level. Take this handsome Saluki mix home with you and you will have a devoted companion.

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Jake is a approximately 2 year old smooth coat Saluki that was adopted from Qatar. He was found as a stray, he had a broken hip and knee which has since healed.

Jake walks great on a leash and responds well to voice commands when he gets distracted (squirrels) on walks. He crates very well and enjoys his time in his crate while we are away. He like other Saluki’s but has a high prey drive so he will need at least an 8ft. fence to ensure his safety. Jake is an absolute gentleman with his house manners and is a very quick learner!

When we first started fostering Jake he came into our home that has several dogs with a bit of an alpha attitude. Each dog in our established pack has their place and the all put Jake in his place within just a few days. We have a young female Saluki (app. 2 yrs old) and she and Jake love to play until they pass out. As his fosters, we feel that Jake would do best in a home that has other dogs (sighthounds may be best) that have strong personalities. We have fallen head over heels for this sweet, adorable guy that just needed a pack that would show him how to behave socially. If we could add another pack member we would keep him.

Saluki experience would be best with Jake.



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highres_211055332Ollie is now 2 years old and has come a long way since he came to the US a year ago. He is a very handsome, smooth, deer grizzle from the Doha region of Qatar and has been neutered, microchipped and is heartworm negative and up to date on his vaccinations.

He is the typical Saluki youngster and is interested in everything that goes on around him. He still has a lot of that puppy energy, but a good walk and some time to run really helps him to settle down.

Ollie has good house manners, is reliably house trained and is crate trained. He will come and get me when he needs/wants to go out. He loves playing tug of war and to play with toys, although he will destuff and desqueak the toys.

Ollie would do best with an older dog with similar energy or could be an only dog if someone is home with him during the day. He is still working on his fear aggression with new dogs, but is doing better. He has no problems meeting other Sighthounds.

He walks well on a leash with a head halter. Ollie is very affectionate with people and will be a wonderful addition to your home if you are willing to be the boss.
It is highly recommended Ollie’s adoptive family have previous Saluki/Sighthound experience.


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Jamilla “Adopted!”


Being Fostered in San Antonio.

Jamilla is petite feathered female Saluki from Doha, Qatar. Jamilla weighs 36 pounds and is grizzle in color with feathered ears and a sweetheart face. She is spayed, UTD on her vaccinations.

She is a vivacious young lady at 2 1/2. She loves humans and warms up to other dogs pretty quickly and she wants to please. She currently lives with big and small fur freinds and loves them all. (Saluki’s should always be supervised with small animals at first)

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Rowan “Adopted!”

highres_211055422ROWAN, Feathered Male Saluki Puppy being fostered in San Antionio Area!

Hey folks, I’m here to spread that word that I am no longer a puppy! I’m now 17 mos. old and have turned into a handsome, “debonair”, feathered saluki. Even as a puppy I was always quite cute though.

I know that many of you have stocked me on facebook and watched me grow up here in the USA. It’s been a greyt year for me! I’ve learned so much from being a puppy to almost being an adult, don’t tell, but I’ve still got some puppy thoughts. I’m reliable and willing to crate for bedtime and any time my foster parents need to run errands. You might even forget about me since I don’t make a sound in my crate. I have never had an accident in my crate, after all I am all white and accidents are above me, nothing can be allowed to ruin my good looks. I’m housebroken, but keep in mind I am a young boy and on rare occasions need to be reminded to take it outside.

Most of the time I am forced to ring the poochie bells, which at times I feel is below me. Did I mention I’m all that and a bag of chips, well I am. I’ve got a personality to match as well, I’m silly, affectionate, love to play with toys, love to play with my foster brothers & sisters. I also love to run, but keep in mind, I can only be allowed to run in a secure & fenced area. I am, after all, a desert breed saluki from Doha.

My past is pretty unknown, but boy I am loving life now in the U S of A. The running thing, it’s something I need at least 3 times a week to keep my inner puppy from getting into unwanted mischief. And if you wondering about my vetting, I am totally current on all my vaccines, have been neutered – ouch- all thanks to these great folks in rescue. I would love to meet you and bring lots of saluki love into your home. Just look at my face, I assure you, you won’t be sorry! Pick me, pick me, I’m ready for my forever home. Love, Rowan


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Bianca “ADOPTED”

Bianca edit


Good Day,

My name is Bianca. I am an attractive, 4 year old smooth Saluki from Doha, looking for my forever home. I just love to be with my human friends, but I really am not so fond of other dogs (or cats). I prefer to be an only child. My foster moms are always trying to get me to be more social with other dogs, but I am just not interested.

I love to cuddle with my human buddies, but I prefer keeping my paws off limits.

I enjoy playing and taking walks with my two legged friends, but I do have a pretty heavy prey drive, so sometimes I get a little over excited. I guess I should fess up and admit, I have been known to bite a few leashes in half when I get the chance. I am also told I am pretty talented because I can climb trees, and jump fences, when they are not at least 6 ft high.

I love my foster Moms, but I need a home of my own. They love me too, but I do not get along so well with their other four legged ones. It would be ideal if my new person understood all about Salukis, and they would be happy with me being their only four legged mate. Did I mention I currently live in Texas, but I am willing to relocate?

If you would like to find out more about me, please contact mesalukirescue@yahoo.com


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